Who Am I?

Michael has been writing for years but seven years ago began writing exclusively in the area of commercial and literary fiction.  Previously he wrote short stories, essays and instructional material for advanced and/or technical learning.  He has been published in Trout Unlimited and internal corporate publications.  The itch to write Manistee Encounters was finally scratched and now he is focused on both the novel and short story form.

His first novel is Manistee Encounters - a murder mystery about 3 men who have not seen each other in over twenty years who end up in the same fly fishing haven at the same time.  The encounters there alter their lives.  Michael is part way through his second novel with the working title of Sam Thrives.  A story about a beautiful and intelligent female literary agent from Northern Michigan, who conquers the NYC publishing world and helps to disperse it out from NYC and into the new independent virtual model.  Along the way she encounters misogynistic men and back biting women in the publishing business who block her efforts and even threaten her life.  Sam also finds a few people of goodwill and integrity.  On her journey she builds a tiny empire for her mentally challenged childhood friend's savant-like fly fishing skills, rebuilds the fortunes of a great mystery/wilderness writer, fights to save her sister from drug addiction, establishes an agency in the wilds of her childhood home outside of Petoskey Michigan, changes the face of Christian and secular fiction and personally deals with a murderous stalker.


Many of the stories Mr. Ames has written take place in Michigan yet involve many other locales such as NYC, Long Island, Chicago, Montana, Northern California and Tuscany. 

He says, 

“I have read so many wonderful novels by writers who hang around one venue a great deal. 
I know Michigan well and it is just as varied and interesting if not more so than Dickens' London,
Wilder’s upper Midwest or Steinbeck’s California. 
Setting for me is always a subtle yet primary character that influences the human characters in many ways. 
Who could not be affected by the great waters of Michigan from its smallest creeks to the rage of Lake Superior. 
From its industrial output and technical growth to the great vegetable and fruit harvests - corn, wheat, livestock, wineries, breweries and distilleries; it is self- sufficient. Its geography varies from the flat Thumb to the small mountains of Porcupine.  From the warm turbid waters of the south to the gin clear, cold and oxygenated waters of
the North. This is why Michigan has played such a central background for the characters in my head.”


At this point Michael has written over 30 short stories ready for publication.  Samples will be released on this site along with samples from his novels. A blog will also accompany this site so we can exchange ideas and share insights.


Mr. Ames currently resides in Holland, MI with his wonderful wife.  They have a 25 year old son, of which they are very proud, who lives in nearby Grand Rapids and works with clients around the world.